Chris Brown deletes Twitter account after tirade

13 Dec

Even after singing a track titled ‘Twitter Ruff’, Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account yesterday, possibly after a tirade against store owners over the weekend.

Brown had been to a Wal-Mart outlet in Connecticut, and burst into an outrage when he didn’t see his new album, Graffiti, on the shelves. “The didnt even have my album in the back … not on shelves, saw for myself,” said one of his final tweets.

Brown said that the stores were ‘blackballing’ him, and retweeted responses from fans who said they had trouble getting their hands on the album at various stores across the country. Some of the fans even tweeted saying that managers of stores had told them that the album would “never” be stocked because they didn’t support “woman beaters”.

Brown also said that he spoke to the manager, who claimed to not know anything about the album sales, and sent out angry tweets about how Alicia Keys album was ready and stocked, even though it is set for release next week.

Although the account is now deleted, Chris Brown’s Twitter account is still living in Google’s cache. Here’s a screenshot of his last few tweets.



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