A class on pick-up lines, anyone?

23 Sep

This may be the classroom from your dreams, men. The study material is, well, cute girls – and instead of scoring high marks, the class objective is to score the girl’s phone number. IT and business concepts, Indian men are known to be experts with. Their smoothness with the ladies, on the other hand, is not exactly a skill best associated with the Indian man.
Enter Vicky Kalwani.
This Los Angeles-bred 30 year-old is a real estate investment banker by day, and moonlights as Mumbai’s first formal dating coach. This tall, built, well-spoken banker aims to move Mumbai’s dating scene away from the traditional “Maine aapko kahin dekha hai” and enhance confidence for more creative, successful ways to approach a girl.
“Guys have to work a lot harder at dating than girls”, says Kalwani. “They’re usually the ones to approach the girl, so we’ll be dealing with social interaction skills, like approach anxiety and dating DOs and DONTs. It’s a lot to do with personality development, so I’ll be teaching them things like how to dress, boosting confidence, how to tell if she’s interested, even how to deal with rejection.”
Kalwani makes it clear right at the outset that he is a dating consultant, and not a relationship counsellor. “I’m responsible from how the guy approaches the girl, right until he actually convinces her to go out with him. I’ll give them tips on what to do on a date, but beyond that, the guy’s on his own. I’m not the guy he goes to when he’s having emotional troubles with his girlfriend!”
Kalwani is convinced that there is huge potential for a course like this in Mumbai, and is overwhelmed by the response he has received over the three weeks that the course has been announced. “Mumbai is a vibrant, social city”, he says. “And it’s definitely not new to the concept of dating. I’ve had an unanticipated reaction so far, with even CEOs and Directors of companies call in and ask about the courses. These guys have everything going for them, but just need to be groomed to project themselves in the right way in order to get that female attention that they crave. These courses are really popular – and successful, in the USA.”
How can having the X-factor be taught, you ask? “Well, I know that all girls like some things in common – men with confidence, capable of providing for her, the alpha-male, in a sense. The key is to highlight these factors of your personality.”
All ‘candidates’ will go through an evaluation session in the beginning, during which Kalwani will discuss their needs with them and decide which level of the course to put them through to. The programme has three level courses, beginning with a one-week theory course (Rs. 10,000), which will cover topics such as where to meet girls, getting the right attitude, pick up lines dos and don’ts, and how to act on a date.
The second level is a month-long practical course (Rs. 30,000), involving (this is where it gets interesting) practice pick up sessions at bars and coffee shops across Mumbai (Kalwani doesn’t like clubs too much), a wardrobe makeover, and actual implementations of the strategies, with Kalwani as your wingman.
The 3-month course (Rs. 65,000) will have you “truly mastering the art of seduction for those that are serious about working hard”, and will include a complete panel, with a wardrobe stylist, fitness consultant, and personality development instructor. In this course, you may also get a chance to spend a week in some of Kalwani’s favourite cities for socialising, like New York and London.
“We’ll also be teaching them the difference between being creepy and confident”, says Kalwani. “There are basic ways to tell if a girl is interested in you, and if those indicators are absent, you should gracefully exit. Say if you take her hand, and she squeezes yours, that means she’s interested. Another thing I’ll be teaching is how to stay out of the friend-zone. I always tell guys not to be too nice to girls!”
Kalwani propagates a simple approach, sans pick up lines – more of a general introduction. “You could enter a coffee shop, and if a girl looks at you for more than two seconds, she’s staring. You look yourself up and down and counter with a playful “Everything okay?”. That’s simple, not sleazy, and usually effective.”
Kalwani has tested most of his strategies himself, and swears by them. “I’m very social. No comment on how many women I’ve dated”, he grins, “but I date about 2-3 times a week. I think that’s healthy.”
Kalwani can be contacted via his Facebook page titled ‘Mumbai Dating’, or on mumbailifestyle2010@gmail.com. So the next time you get a Facebook message from some creepy guy who wants to “do fraandship with you”, you know where to direct them.


2 Responses to “A class on pick-up lines, anyone?”

  1. vishalbheeroo March 5, 2011 at 4:16 am #

    hey dude ut post is cool n very helpful.
    Luk 4ward to ur blog

  2. Cksameja December 19, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    Very intligent & cute your writing skills i want to know your thoughts on current Indian politics pls write….

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